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Our year’s study is on virobnic needs of companies for directors of financial institutions Chernoyvskoy cloud service zaynayanosti. In the course of the excursion, the participants became familiar with the process of virobnitsa, which were issued by the consortium, and that was done with technical support. Pooled rozpovіd about the history of the steadfastness of our ppdprimstva, potsіkalisya cadre policy of the Company, methods of personnel management and the minds of work on working days.
Mayzhe all the guests pobuvali with us on the top, to the end of the sunset, they were more eager to share their enmity!
Especially it was pleasantly to feel that it was scattered on the scale of the virobnitsa and that it was, that they were victorious, that at that time, the techs, for the sake of bagatokh, became spravzhnіm vіdkrittyyam!
Takozh directors tsentrov zaynyatost_ pleased with the organization of the virobnic process and drain the pratsi in the Company, yakі, beyond їхніми words, perebyvyv on visoki ryvnі.
Mi in Kompanії zavzhdi hunt v_dkrivaєmo door for guests, rozpovіdaєmo that show, yak our mi svoryumo our tehnіku, bo, yak v_domo, crash once poach

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