A bit about fire pumps


We are all about cars and cars… .but it is what makes a fire truck a fireman. What do you think it is? Pump! Not a motor pump, not a pump for pumping, but a specialized fire pump! After all, the successful elimination of fire depends on his work
The PN-60BA pump module we manufacture and install on our fire trucks:

  • provides work from all possible types of water supply (reservoir, fire hydrant, other tanker, etc.)
  • equipped with a work metering device and protective grille
  • control is carried out from the workplace of the pump compartment operator
  • equipped with an advanced vacuum system
  • has convenient ergonomic levers
  • equipped with a latch of filling the tank from the pump
    Some more technical indicators
  • rated flow when operating from a third-party water source – 3000 l / min (50 l / s)
  • supply nominal when working from the tank – 3600 l / min (60 l / s)
  • maximum suction height – 7.5 m
  • nominal suction height – 3.5 m
  • the time of water intake from the maximum suction height not exceeding 60 s
    These are the fire pumps. And, as the light proves, they work even on seawater!

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