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We are a Ukrainian manufacturer of fire, rescue and specialized equipment.

The industrial company Pozhmashina began its activity in 1927 - since then it has formed a wide range of equipment that rescuers need during emergency response. Even in Soviet times, the company managed to produce about 600 units of equipment per year, including for export to different countries.

Our production is advanced technologies, high-precision equipment and processes are automated as much as possible. The design office of our company provides the foundation of domestic engineering innovative developments.

Today, our production facilities allow the State Emergency Service to provide the necessary amount of equipment annually. And on average - about 150 units of universal tanker trucks. We conduct regular training on the operation of fire trucks for DSNC drivers and provide 24/7 service support.

We also accept private orders. According to the requirements of the client, we construct cars with "0", we make them on the chassis chosen by the customer and complete with the most modern equipment.

All-wheel drive with increased volume of water for the forest zone or small spit machines up to 2 tons of water for the city - our company offers new solutions depending on the needs and characteristics of the outback areas.


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Results up to

Talk about doslizhennya! Mercilessly, we conducted a study that did not show any results. It's wonderful. Posilannya (link) on the questionnaire bulo nadane on the side of the company "Pozhmashina" and profile groups Fb. All bazhayuchі could take a fate. Also the middle of the participants of the festival, writing the Bulletin’s book, held the sovereign show “Pozhmashini”. The respondents took the fate of 134 respondents. At the «Shasі a certain virobnik Vbi’ pit, they kicked up a vikoristovati for a fire truck with an oath of fire of 8m3 outside speech boxes? ”104 respondents were blindly disassembled. We didn’t delineate mi, that’s how leather is mіg reverse dekіlka varіantіv brands shasі. On the video and video, you’ve gotten a discount on the brands of auto-winners in the middle of now, having given the opportunity to power. Naybilshu loyalty mid-nutritional man MAN. Tse zrozumіlo: the machine of the first virobnik is even longer in Ukraine, especially at the transportations. Zdivuvannyam for us has become low loyalty to Renault. Aje їh vantazhіvki TER rozpovsyudzhenі that Garneau himself zarekomenduvali. Also you can comment on the comments for the idea “Why not Renault?”. Also, they didn’t figure out how loyal to KRAZ and KAMAZ would be practically the same. KRAZ - єDiniy in our land of Ukraine virobnik shasі, and KAMAZ - import. Ale, as if it appeared, was a song category, but he had a bi-bachiti KAMAZ. Scania, Mersedes - not high, say so, an indicator. Surely, the potential survivors have stolen up the operating experience. Yakshcho tse is wrong - write in the commentary! Nespodіvanka, the result of IVECO and Tatra, as well as many brands are already popular in Europe for the production of old cars. DAF and Volvo - the name of the rozpovsyuzhenі shasі for driving the old cars, ale yantazhivki, these cars have recommended themselves supersignificantly garno. MAZ - not for us is not perfect. The brand name is analogous to KRAZ, but KRAZ is trimming with patriotism, while KAMAZ, itself in the whole segment, didn’t notice anything. What are you doing? Now we’ve got better vibrations of the Shassi brand for the AC-8. We have also conducted the practice of conducting Internet access and practice, since once and for all there will be more of the old-timers to take their part.

Traditional anniversary greetings

Among the whole cohort of New Year and Christmas greetings, we have another special one today. This is our jubilee greetings. Last month, we were pleased by eight "round" birthdays! Today, Oleg Borsch, Company's General Director, Oleg Ozerov, Personnel Director, and Kateryna Kiforenko, Chairman of the Labor Board, congratulated our colleagues. Have wished them success in life and work, more new ideas and plans, and also, certainly, well-being in families and daily little joys! We all take great pleasure in joining these words and wish our anniversaries only positive changes and happy moments!

The brightest episodes of our 2019!

Writing reports on how we spent this outgoing - boring and long! That is why we decided to create a video report on the most striking events that took place during this year. We had a very busy life, and what - see the video ...  

Christmas gifts for children

Who is most looking forward to the New Year holidays? Of course these are our children! They believe in fairy tales and miracles, and still love to savor something sweet! Director of Personnel Oleg Ozerov and Chernihiv Regional Council Member of the Radical Party Oleg Lyashko Elena Shynkarenko today congratulated the children of kindergartens Barvinok and Chervapochka on New Year's Day, as well as the students of 1-4 classes of the Ladan Gymnasium and handed them presents . The children talked with the guests, shared their dreams of Christmas gifts, and some even more - visionary plans for the future. Happy Holidays to you, children! Don't be afraid to dream! It is from the big daydreams that innovators often change who change the life around them.  

New fast and maneuverable FT-3,0-40 (EX8) -477H

t is time to get acquainted with our new development - FT-3,0-40 (EX8) -477H, made to order by by Sandora LLC. Compact and compact, it has a 3 m³ fire extinguisher supply, which allows for rapid localization of the fire. The layout of the car is longitudinal and allows you to place a sufficiently large number of fire and technical equipment, the first compartment is through, so that you can easily place large equipment, such as, say, medical bags. The tanker has a single-stage centrifugal fire pump NPC-40/100-R-P and independent heating of the pump compartment for the convenience of the driver. The small dimensions (height no more than 2.5 m), lightness, maneuverability, the possibility of a complete set of the car to order makes it the ideal fire truck for object fire units, when the first task is the fast start of fire localization.

Our new FT are going to Donbass

New FT-4-60 (530927) -515M  fire trucks 🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒 arrived today in the most stormy region of Ukraine in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. In recent years, thanks to the annual state order of fire trucks, the fleet of vehicles, according to the spokesman of the SES in the Luhansk region, has been updated by 3⃣0⃣%. It is in Donbass that the full development of Pozhmashina 🚒 is presented, namely: ✅JAC-5-40 (5309) -442A ✅JAC-4-60 (530509) -505M ✅JAC-4-60 (530927) -515M ✅JAC-60 (TGM 15.250) -164