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We are a Ukrainian manufacturer of fire, rescue and specialized equipment.

The industrial company Pozhmashina began its activity in 1927 - since then it has formed a wide range of equipment that rescuers need during emergency response. Even in Soviet times, the company managed to produce about 600 units of equipment per year, including for export to different countries.

Our production is advanced technologies, high-precision equipment and processes are automated as much as possible. The design office of our company provides the foundation of domestic engineering innovative developments.

На сьогоднішній день наші виробничі потужності дозволяють щорічно забезпечувати Державну службу з надзвичайних ситуацій необхідною кількістю техніки. А це у середньому – близько 150 одиниць універсальних автоцистерн. Ми проводимо регулярні навчання з експлуатації пожежних машин для водіїв ДСНС та надаємо сервісну підтримку у режимі 24/7.

Ми також приймаємо приватні замовлення. Згідно з вимогами клієнта ми конструюємо автомобілі з «0», виготовляємо їх на обраних замовником шасі та комплектуємо найсучаснішим обладнанням.

Повнопривідні зі збільшеним обсягом води для лісової зони чи невеличкі прудкі машини до 2 тон води для міста – наша компанія пропонує нові рішення в залежності від потреб та особливостей районів виїзду.


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41 AC in 9 regions of Ukraine

The largest transmission of fire truck over the past 25 years !!! Forty one vehicles at once in nine regions of Ukraine! We are sincerely grateful for the high appreciation of the work of our team, as we make the greatest efforts for the production of quality products.     On December 20, this year, on the basis of the DSNC in Vyshneve, a large-scale transmission of 41 tankers, manufactured by the Company "Pozhmashina", to the regional subdivisions of the State Oil Company of Ukraine, took place in Kyiv region. The solemn ceremony was held with the participation of the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and the Head of the Emergency Situations Ministry Mykola Chechotkin. Certificates for the receipt of modern equipment have received 9 regions - Dnipropetrovsk, Zakarpattia, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Odessa, Sumy, Kharkiv, Kherson and Chernihiv. Already very soon 41 tankers will be allocated to the combat calculation of state fire and rescue units and will stand guard on the preservation of life and property of Ukrainian citizens. The main surprise of the holiday was the Rivne Fire Brigade-Strongmen, who at the beginning of the ceremony demonstrated the "TrapPul" exercise: a twin traction of a fire vehicle at a distance of 15 meters, weighing 14 tons! This year, the State Emergency Situations Service of Ukraine will receive 125 units of fire and rescue equipment in general. There is a gradual renewal of the fleet of rescuers. The official part of the event ended with the familiarization of the SNSS staff with the main technical possibilities of new tankers. We, as producers, are extremely pleased that they were impressed by the possibilities of our equipment. The company "Pozhmashina", with all responsibility and maximum understanding of the needs of the emergency service, relates to the production of fire trucks. The power of the Company, its intellectual and production potential, is fully involved in the execution of government orders, so the transfer of fire trucks to the regional divisions of the DSNU is also a holiday for us. We are deeply convinced that our tank-vehicles will perform their functions properly and become indispensable assistants of emergency.    

Oleg Lyashko visited the factory

Our company was visited by the leader of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko. MP made pre-New Year gifts to our colleagues from the mechanical and mechanical workshops. Wristwatches and certificates were received by the advanced workers, as well as experienced employees of the Company. We are sincerely grateful for such attention to our employees and the support of domestic engineering.

Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

We are very proud of our Oleg Borisovich! For the past 10 years, he has been setting an example for all of us in daily hard work. His working day begins at home, at dawn, with morning tea, when he mentally paints his busy day every second. Why at home? And because as soon as his foot steps on the threshold of the Company, he does not sit at the table in the office. He goes to production, where our equipment is born. Not so easy to put on foot domestic engineering! Everywhere you need to have time: to sort out the documents, and to plunge into the production process, and to hold meetings, to praise, where you need or to say your strong word, without this in any way. And so every day ... Do not fit his working day in the usual 8-year service, because he lives his own business !!! Such dedication could not remain unnoticed ... Oleg Borisovich received the Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine "For merits to the Ukrainian people" and a badge to it! This high state award was presented to him by the leader of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko, in the enterprise’s assembly shop. We are sure that not everybody is honored with such a high honor. We are proud to work in the same team with such a person !!! We wish our leader further success and inspiration! Work in the same way fruitfully and professionally, and the staff of the Pozhmashina DC will be your reliable support!

Fairy-tale characters for children

Today, Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden came to the little "poghashinivtsev" on the tree! Fairy tales sang, danced, played with children, in short, brought them a sea of ​​joy and positive emotions. At the end of the holiday, everyone got sweet gifts from Santa's charming bag. Agree, happy faces and shining eyes of children worthy of worth! So directly and sincerely believe in the New Year's fairy tale and they can only miracle! And we help them to keep this faith, we do our best to continue the feast of childhood. The company has long been taking care of children, and not only its employees, but also all residents of Ladan - children's and sports grounds, gifts for holidays to orphans, various competitions, development and entertainment actions, excursions to the company. We do not divide the children into "ours" and "strangers", because we are deeply convinced that they are all our future.

Energy conservation and environmental protection

Outside the window there is winter and frost, and in the machine shop of our enterprise the thermometer column steadily keeps at + 19 ° C! And this is not some kind of anomaly or a mistake, it is the result of the hard work of the company's management, designed to create the most comfortable working conditions for its employees. The walls and the roof of the workshop are repaired and insulated, which allows to maintain the required temperature and reliably protects against capricious weather conditions. And the heating of the room itself, with dimensions of 2,717 square meters, is carried out with the help of a new solid-fuel boiler house. It not only warms our employees, but also saves energy and does not harm the environment. Our company considers maximum energy saving and environmental protection to be one of the priority directions of production development. We are for a safe and energy efficient industry!

The LLC “IC “POZHMASHINA” has transferred the first batch of fire tankers АЦ-4-60(5309)-505М

The LLC “IC “POZHMASHINA” has transferred the first batch of fire tankers АЦ-4-60(5309)-505М (according to the signed  contract for the supply of 98 fire and rescue vehicles). [gallery size="large" ids="11226,11228,11229,11230"]