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We are a Ukrainian manufacturer of fire, rescue and specialized equipment.

The industrial company Pozhmashina began its activity in 1927 - since then it has formed a wide range of equipment that rescuers need during emergency response. Even in Soviet times, the company managed to produce about 600 units of equipment per year, including for export to different countries.

Our production is advanced technologies, high-precision equipment and processes are automated as much as possible. The design office of our company provides the foundation of domestic engineering innovative developments.

Today, our production facilities allow the State Emergency Service to provide the necessary amount of equipment annually. And on average - about 150 units of universal tanker trucks. We conduct regular training on the operation of fire trucks for DSNC drivers and provide 24/7 service support.

We also accept private orders. According to the requirements of the client, we construct cars with "0", we make them on the chassis chosen by the customer and complete with the most modern equipment.

All-wheel drive with increased volume of water for the forest zone or small spit machines up to 2 tons of water for the city - our company offers new solutions depending on the needs and characteristics of the outback areas.


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happy Birthday

Remember, we spoke to you about the tradition of welcoming the jubilee every month. So, we continue it! And this month we also congratulated our beloved birthday parties !!! All of them have been working on our company for many years, their life is literally connected with "Pose-machine". In fact, it is so wonderful to know that our company brings together quite a lot of people who take a common cause! On this festive day we wish our colleagues good health, long life and success in life and work! Greetings from the Company today - Vasilenko Valentina Aleksandrovna, Vasily Gapon Anatolyevich, Kirichenko Alexander Volodymyrovych, Kopelyuk Andriy Ivanovych, Nosenko Nikolay Nikolayevich and Kharchenko Svetlana Valentinovna.

The fire engine of the future

We liked so much the fences, decorated with drawings of young artists, we decided not to stop there, but to see what children's imagination and spontaneity is still capable of! As a socially responsible Company, we are well aware that it is necessary to attract children to our business today, because very soon their knowledge, skills and non-standard thinking will create the future of the Company! But while the sweet moment of childhood continues and nothing can restrict the flight of fancy, children are able to show us how incredible fire and agricultural equipment can be! What strange forms and possibilities she can have! In order to reach as many young talents as possible, we announced a children's drawing competition on the theme “The fire engine of the future” and “Our agricultural equipment is the best” throughout the Chernihiv region until March 25, 2019. Winners will definitely get interesting gifts! Which we will definitely tell after the announcement of the results of the competition! Now we invite the participation of students of junior and middle classes of all educational institutions of Chernihiv region! Send the finished work to e-mail - Looking forward to your works of art!

SIMA 2019

Our Company employees visited a large-scale exhibition of agricultural machinery and animal husbandry SIMA 2019 held in the city of Paris. At present, SIMA is one of the most volatile exhibitions in the world, where large agricultural machinery and livestock are displayed simultaneously. This visit was not the first for the representatives of the LLC "Pozhmashina" PC. We try to regularly attend events of this level, take on the experience of European agricultural machinery manufacturers and implement them when manufacturing their own products. This year the exhibition really impressed with the wide variety of agricultural machinery and equipment, the latest technology and innovative products. The delegation of the Company, headed by General Director Oleg Borshch, included employees from various structural subdivisions of the company - from deputy chiefs of production workshops to engineers-designers. During the 5 days of the exhibition, our colleagues have been able to significantly expand their horizons and deepen their knowledge on the direction of agricultural machinery production. At the same time, each of our specialists was able to improve exactly in the sphere that he needed for successful work at the Company, regardless of whether he was a representative of the marketing department or a specialist in foreign economic activity. Yet, without a doubt, the SIMA2019 was especially interesting for our design engineers. Not every day, you can see this range of agricultural machinery with your own eyes! We hope that the knowledge they will successfully implement in the production of agricultural machinery within the walls of the native enterprise. The company is constantly striving to improve product quality, expanding its range of partners and gradually moving away from intermediaries. During the period of the exhibition, we held a number of negotiations with potential suppliers of spare parts and equipment, which is also very important for further development of production and introduction of innovative technologies in our enterprise. A pleasant bonus was that the organizers of the exhibition took care that their guests from other countries not only got acquainted with modern European trends and tendencies of the agrarian sector, but also were able to fully enjoy the unique city in which it was held. An excursion to Paris after the hard work of everyday life is exactly what is needed to put an end to the thought and make a final impression about the event. Our colleagues visited the main tourist attractions of the city - the Louvre, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris, the Elysee Fields ... And, of course, they were photographed near the main Parisian symbol - the Eiffel Tower!  


And again, a tour of the company's production facilities! This time for future electromechanics and locksmiths for the repair of wheeled vehicles. We do not get tired of telling future specialists about the importance of our business, and today they even carried them to the holy holy enterprises - the design department, where they raised the veil of mystery and showed computer models of fire and agricultural machinery! Frankly, the boys were impressed! And we, in turn. happy that young people have such a sincere and genuine interest in what we do, because we are well aware that educated and interested students are our perspective future!

Volleyball Cup in Priluki

We decided to take part in the open Cup of the city of Priluki in volleyball. Our guys played the first, so to speak “trial” game - they looked at their opponents and checked their own forces. They fought hard, tried to keep up with the opponent, although the opposing team was not one of the weak! Got some kind of strength test from the start. But we are “pozhmashynman”, so as not to succumb to the difficulties! Even if all is not immediately possible, we do not give up, but rather become only more insistent in achieving the goal! The general atmosphere of the holiday inspires sports achievements, so after the completion of the first game, we firmly decided that now we will train hard and hone our skills. The whole team of the company sincerely is ill and believes in the indestructibility of the spirit of our athletes. Guys, you are just great, we believe in you!

Birthday Day

We introduce a wonderful tradition - to welcome anniversaries every month! This kind of "Birthday Day" - and we are pleased, and employees! Today, the CEO of the Company for the first time carried out this honorable mission - he congratulated the anniversary of January, handed them letters and wall clocks. We like to make people happy, to remind them that here in the Company they are not only employees performing their work, but also ordinary people in whose life such events as an anniversary occur! We sincerely wish all nouns success, inspiration and simple human joys!