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We are a Ukrainian manufacturer of fire, rescue and specialized equipment.

The industrial company Pozhmashina began its activity in 1927 - since then it has formed a wide range of equipment that rescuers need during emergency response. Even in Soviet times, the company managed to produce about 600 units of equipment per year, including for export to different countries.

Our production is advanced technologies, high-precision equipment and processes are automated as much as possible. The design office of our company provides the foundation of domestic engineering innovative developments.

Today, our production facilities allow the State Emergency Service to provide the necessary amount of equipment annually. And on average - about 150 units of universal tanker trucks. We conduct regular training on the operation of fire trucks for DSNC drivers and provide 24/7 service support.

We also accept private orders. According to the requirements of the client, we construct cars with "0", we make them on the chassis chosen by the customer and complete with the most modern equipment.

All-wheel drive with increased volume of water for the forest zone or small spit machines up to 2 tons of water for the city - our company offers new solutions depending on the needs and characteristics of the outback areas.


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New in 2020 - AC-4-60 (150E28W) -525I

No matter what, we continue to manufacture modern fire fighting equipment. After all, no one canceled emergencies! Our first novelty of the year 2020: AC 4-60 (150E28W) -525I on Iveco Eurocargo 150E28W MLD Cab chassis. Its technical characteristics: • Wheel formula 4x4.2 • Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 8 500x2 600x3 000 • 4000 l water supply • 400 liter foam supply • Cabin of combat calculation for 7 persons (6 + 1) • Independent heating of the cab and pump compartment • Fireco Standard lighting mast with 6m lift height and 24v and 220v LEDs • Runva winch with a maximum tractive effort of 7.9 tons • GPS module with integrated navigator and video recorder, rearview camera connected Maneuvering and powerful at the same time, with a large supply of water and extinguishing agents, the AC 4-60 (150E28W) -525I is not only capable of quickly eliminating the fire, but also works effectively in the event of emergency response. The tanker truck has already been transferred to the SES of Ukraine and is awaiting distribution to the unit.

A bit about fire pumps

We are all about cars and cars… .but it is what makes a fire truck a fireman. What do you think it is? Pump! Not a motor pump, not a pump for pumping, but a specialized fire pump! After all, the successful elimination of fire depends on his work The PN-60BA pump module we manufacture and install on our fire trucks: provides work from all possible types of water supply (reservoir, fire hydrant, other tanker, etc.) equipped with a work metering device and protective grille control is carried out from the workplace of the pump compartment operator equipped with an advanced vacuum system has convenient ergonomic levers equipped with a latch of filling the tank from the pump Some more technical indicators rated flow when operating from a third-party water source - 3000 l / min (50 l / s) supply nominal when working from the tank - 3600 l / min (60 l / s) maximum suction height - 7.5 m nominal suction height - 3.5 m the time of water intake from the maximum suction height not exceeding 60 s These are the fire pumps. And, as the light proves, they work even on seawater!

One problem is three solutions

Every year, fires in natural ecosystems cause significant damage to the state and, in the first place, to the environment! Animals that are unable to escape on their own are killed - some just burn, others - suffocated by the caustic smoke. In addition, there are frequent instances when fire breaks into buildings, destroying power lines, gas and oil pipelines, forest plantations. Of course, the best protection is to prevent a fire, but if the fire has already started, it should be localized and extinguished as soon as possible. Our Company's fire fighting equipment will help. We are now ready to offer 3 actionable solutions to your various needs: All-wheel-drive fire truck with 8 t water supply and irrigation system, intended primarily for areas with waterless areas and off-road. Small fire trucks with a capacity of 3 tons for rapid localization of fire, all-wheel drive and maneuvering, designed specifically for the needs of the gas tank and small object parts. Autonomous trailed fire modules with different water supply, depending on customer's wishes. Can be used in forestry and agro industries for rapid response and elimination of fire. Given your own capabilities and requirements, choose a technique that will protect you from irreparable! Follow the links and read more. - fire truck with 8 t water supply - fire truck with 3 t water supply - trailer fire module  

Fire equipment for holidays and weekdays

How did you celebrate Carnival? Traditionally with pancakes and dumplings? But in Kherson, in addition to the usual entertainment, at the same time an educational and interesting action took place from the rescuers of the 17th State Fire and Rescue Unit, who organized the action "Prevent. Save. Help". On the central square of the city was exhibited equipment, equipment and organized a photographic zone. This unusual location was popular with the locals. They eagerly made the photos, examined the technique with interest and actively participated in the competitions. Photo on the background of the fire truck - this year's special "chip" Carnival in Kherson!

PMZ-15 is the first car of the airfield service

Being the first is our choice! The history of the Company has a whole collection of fire trucks that carried the proud title of "the first in the USSR" at that time. One of them is the PMZ-15. The first fire-fighting vehicle in the USSR based on the ZIS-151 chassis, model 15 was manufactured by our plant during 1954-1959. The vehicle was intended for delivery to the scene of fire of personnel and extinguishing agents, it could be used for extinguishing the fire of aerodrome structures, small tanks with flammable liquids and burning planes. ZIS-121 six-cylinder engine with 92 hp base chassis theoretically allowed to accelerate a ten-ton car to 60 km / h. The PMZ-15 was equipped with a carbon dioxide plant which made it possible to use it for extinguishing fires of cars, engines, generators, transformers, as well as fires in museums, libraries, warehouses, ie in places where, by the terminology of the time, "the use of water in the quality of the extinguishing agent is ineffective or undesirable »

The resort town has received a new ATS

Yesterday rescuers of the village. Sergiyivka in Odesa Oblast has received a new fire control center developed and manufactured by the Company! This modern off-road fire truck has: rear view camera navigator DVR autonomous heating of the pump compartment! In addition, the trim of this year's models is enhanced by a floating motor pump and suction mesh. Congratulations rescuers! Let the new fire truck become your trusted and reliable assistant!