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120 000

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Types of equipment


We are a Ukrainian manufacturer of fire, rescue and specialized equipment.

The industrial company Pozhmashina began its activity in 1927 - since then it has formed a wide range of equipment that rescuers need during emergency response. Even in Soviet times, the company managed to produce about 600 units of equipment per year, including for export to different countries.

Our production is advanced technologies, high-precision equipment and processes are automated as much as possible. The design office of our company provides the foundation of domestic engineering innovative developments.

Today, our production facilities allow the State Emergency Service to provide the necessary amount of equipment annually. And on average - about 150 units of universal tanker trucks. We conduct regular training on the operation of fire trucks for DSNC drivers and provide 24/7 service support.

We also accept private orders. According to the requirements of the client, we construct cars with "0", we make them on the chassis chosen by the customer and complete with the most modern equipment.

All-wheel drive with increased volume of water for the forest zone or small spit machines up to 2 tons of water for the city - our company offers new solutions depending on the needs and characteristics of the outback areas.


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Test drive of the new FT

How does your work week begin?☕️💻👩🏻‍🏫🚒?And ours - from the first tests of the new 🚒 FT-8-50 (63022) -530M !!!A test drive with a full load of water tank 💦 🚒 on a special test track passed on excellent 👍!See for yourself by watching the video 🎥 - it is impossible to hide smooth running and maneuverability!Stay with us, then - even more interesting 😉!

Congratulations to the rescuers on the holiday!

Dear rescuers 🧑🏻‍🚒! On September 17, you celebrate your holiday😊🎉 A day to remind society that the work of a rescuer is really difficult, dangerous and responsible! We wish you good health, well-being, family happiness, strength and success in your anxious and dangerous service, strength and inspiration every day! And let there always be reliable equipment next to you 🚒🚒🚒 that saves people's lives!

Rescuers are visiting us

🚒 We are the Company  that is open to everyone! Anyone who wants to see how the production of modern Ukrainian equipment takes place, can visit us for a meaningful and interesting tour! 🚒And it is interesting because we have real professionals 🧑‍🔧👩‍💼👨‍🏭, people are in love❤️ with their work! They talk about machines, equipment and processes so that you can hear! The rescuers from Sarny, Rivne region, saw this with their own eyes and ears! 🚒 They came to us not to take photos from Facebook or videos on YouTube, to see production тех and equipment, but to talk live with the top management of the Company and people working on fire equipment, ask questions ❓, learn something new and interesting about production. 🚒And their plan succeeded! Impressions from what they saw and heard are only positive😊 And, in fact, we are waiting for them on the page Fire and Rescue Sarny 🚒And, if you personally want to see the production of modern equipment for rescuers 👩‍🚒, how Ukrainian engineering works, develops and lives, we invite you to us! We guarantee a meaningful and full day 👍!

Ukrainian dealers for Ukrainian equipment

Last week the Company was visited by our partners and dealers Agsolco Ukraine The purpose of their visit is to get acquainted with the production ⚙️🖲🎛, to see with their own eyes the state-of-the-art equipment з with which our equipment is manufactured and the business discussion of certain aspects of cooperation 🤝 companies. A tour of the Company's facilities for guests was a real discovery! The level at which mechanical and pre-treatment of parts and blanks is carried out, metal cleaning, welding and painting, both individual structural elements and finished products, can undoubtedly be compared with European manufacturers! That's what our partners think! Also during the meeting of the CEO of the Company Oleg Averyanov and the CEO of Agsolco Ukraine Vitaliy Skotsyk: ✅ discussed the prospects of cooperation for 2021-2026 ✅ analyzed current trends in the market of specialized cars in Ukraine ✅ impact, independent of companies, of factors on the country's economy. We thank our dealers for such a fruitful meeting and personally Vitaly Skotsyk for a reliable partnership!  

Safe working conditions are the Company's top priority

🚒 Every second Tuesday of the month the Company holds a meeting of 🧑‍💼 heads of structural divisions of the enterprise 🏭 on labor protection 👨‍🏭👩‍🔧👨‍💻, during which measures to ensure safe working conditions, proper organization of work, compliance with regulations are discussed. and labor protection and fire safety requirements 🧯 at the enterprise. 🚒 One of the priority areas of corporate culture development in the Company is occupational safety, injury prevention, and most importantly - saving the lives of employees. 🚒 Injury prevention 🤕 in the workplace begins with clear instruction of all employees on the requirements of labor protection and the system of safe work. 🚒 Based on the results of the meeting, in the structural units and at the level of the company's management, the results are summarized and the ways of solving the most important issues on creating safe and harmless working conditions are suggested. 🚒 Daily prevention is the key to employee health 💪and success of 👍Company!  

Learning is the way to success!

🚒 We haven't told you for a long time 🙂 about what educational programs and courses are implemented in our Company. And, by the way, we are constantly engaged in professional development of our employees👨‍🔧👩‍💼! 🚒 After all, we understand perfectly well that the constant development of staff is the development of the Company🏭 The company has already implemented an ERP system, which successfully combines all business processes 💻in a single system and allows for effective business planning🧑‍💼 🚒 In order to use the program more effectively and bring it to perfection, we take training courses that specialize in specific types of tasks. Now the Company's employees are deepening their professional knowledge. 🚒 We are sure that they will succeed 😊!